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Nov 9 07 1:01 AM

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Texmod is only the latest, greatest tool for modding Guild Wars. ANet-approved, as well. Hell, it's actually located on their official GW wiki.

Actually, TexMod isn't even really a "modder", so to speak, but more of an "overlayer". TexMod runs Guild Wars and "overlays" whatever mods you decide to run along with it . Nothing that you change is permanent so don't be afraid of ruining your normal GW files and being forced to reinstall anything. Turning off mods is as easy as not starting the game up with TexMod, or simply not loading the mod(s) into TexMod at all.

People have written many types of mods for it already. Only people who run the same mods can view your mods (ie. you'll both be overlaying the same items with the same overlay), and to be honest, those instances will be rare. It's mainly used as a self-aid tool or for personal visual enchancement.

Most importantly, people have made in-game cartographer aids (to be used with TexMod) that REALLY make mapping easy. You can look on your map in-game and notice right away what is missing. There's no longer a need to take 'M' map screenshots and compare them with Guru maps in Photoshop. The tedious days of trying to find that remaining 0.4% of your campaign cartographer title are all but over.


The Official Guild Wars Wiki Page For TexMod (Includes Download Link):

Scroll down to the 'Running A Mod' section to find out how to use it.

TexMod and the mod files themselves don't install. You can unzip them to any folder (I made one just for TexMod and the mods I use) and run TexMod (TexMod.exe) from there. Within TexMod you'll need to select the GW.exe file in your Guild Wars install folder, which is located by default at... C:\Program Files\Guild Wars ...and the mod files you choose to run, which are simply files with a .tpf extension.


List Of Mods Players Have Already Made. All Kinds Of Stuff:

The HIGHLY-RECOMMENDED Mod I Use For Cartographer, 'Cartography Made Easy':

Check out the screenshots for Cartography Made Easy. It's so freakin' easy to use.

Downloaded mod files may come zipped up, ie. with a .zip extension. You'll need to unzip these files in order for them to work.


The only problem with TexMod is that it can be a bit glitchy/buggy. Sometimes with TexMod running you'll see weird graphics patches on your Guild Wars screen. This is because it didn't overlay properly. When you encounter a problem such as this, don't fret. It's nothing permanently game-breaking and nothing that will force you to close and restart Guild Wars. It can easily be fixed by minimizing and maximizing GW a few times until the problems go away and your mod works as intended.
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